Monday, April 11, 2011

Road Trip Day 4

Had a great time with Maggie yesterday, wish it could have been longer.

A lot a desert driving today. When you fly across the country you sort of get an idea how big the US is but when I can drive for the same amount of time that it takes to fly across and stay in the same state I think it pretty amazing.

Odometer at the start of the day.

I guess even snakes need a rest stop.

The towns in New Mexico have some of the most unique names.

So at the end of the 25 I could go west and head home or go about 20 miles east and be in Texas I decided to head east and experience a little local Texas flavor.

I didn't experience the hospitality of these Texans but the cars were parked behind the town hall and I figured I could use the extra proof that I was in Texas.

Saw this simi with a bunch of trailers at the border check point at mile 122 in New Mexico on the I-10.

Tonight's stopping point in Deming New Mexico.

I was excited for pizza for dinner, but alas.

My room.

Tomorrow's goal is to at least get to Phoenix. It looks like Tombstone is only a 25 mile detour. I think I might take it.


Gabriella said...

Just to jump in the car and take off sounds like heaven right now. Hope you're having a great time!

Joanie said...

It's been a great trip. Hope that the new stuff you've written is better than what you lost.