Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 2

I took advantage of the 10% discount at Denny's for breakfast.

Here's the odometer reading as I set out this morning.

I didn't  take many pictures on the road today because it was snowing at times and I wanted to get Gallup if I could. (I did). This was the first time I got to drive in snow. Living in Los Angeles I don't get to much exposure to snow.

I stopped at this rest stop along the way. Thought the name was different.

There were some interesting rocks in the area.

About 5 miles east of the Petrified Forest on the I-40 had an odometer milestone.

Yes that's 32 degrees.

I arrived in Gallup about 5:30pm. Staying at a Day's Inn again.

Yes that's snow.

My room tonight.

The neighbors...

The train boss the train.

I'm looking out the hotel window and its still snowing.

My poor car, it lives in a garage most of the time it doesn't like being outside in the elements.

Tomorrow I'm going to drive to Albuquerque to see Maggie.

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