Friday, April 8, 2011

Road Trip Day 1

So I have this idea for a book, it involves a road trip driving around the US. I live in LA so it's easy to start a trip like this. I can either go north towards Washington state then east, then south and then back west again. Or I can start out going east and go counter clock-wise around the county. I think this is one of those types of stories that you need to experience in order write about.

While researching routes for this trip I looked up the US interstate highway system on Wikipedia. One thing I discovered is that the eastern end of Interstate 40 is in Wilmington NC, where my best friend Paul lives. A couple of weeks ago I asked Paul how close the 40 was to his house, he said a couple of blocks and that he has seen the sign for Barstow, CA which is the western end of the 40. Barstow is about 120 miles from where I live but easy to reach.

I packed last night and sent off on a road trip of about 4 or 5 days depending how tired I get from driving.

Here's my odometer as I set off:

I made a couple of stops before I got on the 10 east. I got some budget money, my first expense was to get some water and snacks to have in the car just in case.

The first mention I saw of Barstow was just after I got on the 15 North.

I made a quick stop for lunch in Victorville. Got to Barstow about 30 minutes later and stopped for a look at the outlet stores found a couple of cute pairs of Easter socks at the Old Navy outlet. It was still nice out so I decided to press on to Needles.

After getting on the 40 east I saw the sign I was waiting for.

Made it Needles about 6:30 checked in at the Days Inn because of the free Wifi. Grabbed a sandwich from the local and filled up the gas tank.

My room,

Should I tell them it's spring?

Dennys for breakfast? 10% discount with room key.

 Looking forward to day two.

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Gabriella said...

HOW FUN! I love road trips! I haven't just taken off in years...maybe I'll have to do that this summer!
Looking forward to seeing this excursion on your blog!
Have fun!
(And don't pick up any hitch hikers! Especially after reading Joe Konrath's book.)lol