Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Road Trip Day 5

Another desert driving day, Deming, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona. I plan on making it home tomorrow.

Tired tonight, so just the picture highlights. More detailed post either tomorrow or the next day.

Odometer in the morning.

Going west this was even less exciting.

The view to the north.

And to the south.

After turning onto the 1-10 coming west I kept seeing signs for:

What is the THING you ask, come back tomorrow when I post more details.

I did take the detour to Tombstone.

Again more details later.

Another odometer milestone near exit 129 on 1-10 west in Arizona.

 This is where I choose to rest my head tonight.

My room:

Even better than that other hotel chain that will leave the light on for you, they turn your bed down here.

This has been a great trip, I already have an idea for the next one, but I'm looking forward to being home.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Road Trip Day 4

Had a great time with Maggie yesterday, wish it could have been longer.

A lot a desert driving today. When you fly across the country you sort of get an idea how big the US is but when I can drive for the same amount of time that it takes to fly across and stay in the same state I think it pretty amazing.

Odometer at the start of the day.

I guess even snakes need a rest stop.

The towns in New Mexico have some of the most unique names.

So at the end of the 25 I could go west and head home or go about 20 miles east and be in Texas I decided to head east and experience a little local Texas flavor.

I didn't experience the hospitality of these Texans but the cars were parked behind the town hall and I figured I could use the extra proof that I was in Texas.

Saw this simi with a bunch of trailers at the border check point at mile 122 in New Mexico on the I-10.

Tonight's stopping point in Deming New Mexico.

I was excited for pizza for dinner, but alas.

My room.

Tomorrow's goal is to at least get to Phoenix. It looks like Tombstone is only a 25 mile detour. I think I might take it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Road Trip Day 3

Woke up this morning to blue sky and sunshine. A big contrast from yesterday. Here's what my car looked like at 6:30am.

Odometer at the start of the day.

I was looking forward to driving over the continental divide today, maybe at other crossing its a bigger deal, but on the 40 there's this sign and a small souvenir store.

About 15 miles west of Albuquerque there was this neat looking bridge that was once part of Route 66.

Downtown Albuquerque reminds me of my sister Maggie's doggie Hanna.

More downtown. I could understand 15 or 20 but 18?


Since the Albuquerque Isotopes were playing Maggie and I swung by the stadium. Cool entrance.

My new best friend Orbit.

Some other friends were also there.

A neat baseball sculpture.

Family time. My nephews Daniel and Zander.

I can't believe how tall Zan is now. He's probably close to 6'.

Here's Maggie with Hanna and the boys.

Here I am with Hanna and the boys.

I feel so tiny now.

Just us girls.

The Big River

Tonight's resting place

My room.

Tomorrow begins the journey home.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 2

I took advantage of the 10% discount at Denny's for breakfast.

Here's the odometer reading as I set out this morning.

I didn't  take many pictures on the road today because it was snowing at times and I wanted to get Gallup if I could. (I did). This was the first time I got to drive in snow. Living in Los Angeles I don't get to much exposure to snow.

I stopped at this rest stop along the way. Thought the name was different.

There were some interesting rocks in the area.

About 5 miles east of the Petrified Forest on the I-40 had an odometer milestone.

Yes that's 32 degrees.

I arrived in Gallup about 5:30pm. Staying at a Day's Inn again.

Yes that's snow.

My room tonight.

The neighbors...

The train boss the train.

I'm looking out the hotel window and its still snowing.

My poor car, it lives in a garage most of the time it doesn't like being outside in the elements.

Tomorrow I'm going to drive to Albuquerque to see Maggie.